Fractionalized NFTs

Fractionalized ownership. Fractionalized revenues.

NFT Platform (web3):

Every month, stakers will be able to use their Degrain tokens (DGRN) to vote on which NFT the platform acquires. This NFT will then be fractionalized and made available to stakers. Have you ever wanted to own a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, but never been able to afford one? Well, on Degrain you will have the opportunity to invest from as little as $10. Enabling users to capture price increases and providing opportunities they would otherwise not have.
Those who have invested in the presale will be given tier-1 priority upon launch.

Fractionalized revenue share derived from contracts with real world companies

Real world companies will use Degrain to grow their user base, launch their products and promote their brand. These contracts will be minted and backed by a Degrain NFT.
  • Users will be able to invest their DGRN tokens into the NFT
    • Investors in the presale will have first priority.
    • Stakers will have second priority.
  • Upon completion of the project, this revenue will be redistributed proportionately to those who invested in the NFT (contract).