Intellectual Property Licensing

NFTs are effective at protecting intellectual property and patents, with global accessibility.
  • NFT tokens can allow users to prove their ownership of any piece of content, this is not currently possible with traditional intellectual property (IP) rights tools like trademarks and copyrights.
  • Furthermore, the identity of an IP can be distinguished - via the use of timestamps, the entire history of the IP. NFT chains would be inherently immutable, which means that the NFT owner could prove they were the original creator of a piece of work at any point in time.
  • Patents - NFTs can be used to protect and certify ownership of innovation or invention.
  • NFTs can also provide the necessary data for verification, thus creating a public ledger that documents all transactions related to patents.
Imagine buying NFT that gives you full commercial rights. For example, one within a 10k collection - buying the intellectual property (IP) associated with the NFT of a company that creates all kinds of merchandise (coffee beans, wine, hats, board games, etc).
The effectiveness this will result in is far greater than any marketing to unknowns. The community is already excited about your intellectual property. In this case, companies can leverage NFTs, similar to leveraging a piece of commercial real estate to grow business.
The opportunity to invest in yourself and control financial outcomes of your NFT investment. New niche branding agencies such as Degrain will thrive.
With the skills to network and create the necessary branding assets and stories around the NFT, IP holders and investors holding these assets ($) will simply need to sign the dotted line to make passive income on their IP