Community Memberships - Exclusive

A community cannot be forked.
Degrain will be the go-to platform for real companies to launch, stimulate interest and market to target audiences.
  • Communities will be exclusive, for example, Ferrari, only allows current Ferrari owners to buy next line of models. Rolex, have increasingly decreased supply such that only known repeat buyers can purchase the newest Rolex's. This exclusivity has the potential to be turned into an NFT that could be made transferrable, for a fee, the entirety of which will be distributed to Degrain stakers.
  • Disney Club 33 - members get into exclusive restaurants and free park tickets. These NFTs could allow this membership to be rented out Membership for example, for a mint fee. This allows the team to bring a variety of utility to its members.
Beyond business - philanthropic efforts will be made seamless, with likeminded individuals coming together to support their chosen charity. For example, charity fundraisers via NFT mints will create a community of donors who all support the cause.
With a curated community, the network is priceless.