Lifetime Passive Income

Degrain rewards creators for simply listing their NFT. Degrain rewards users for listing, buying and selling any NFT.

Degrain token (DGRN) stakers will earn 100% of the trading fees on Degrain.

The Degrain NFT trading platform collects a basic fee of 2% in the native token in which the sale is completed. This is then converted to WETH and directed to the rewards pool on the Ethereum chain to be distributed.

How often will I be able to claim my WETH rewards?

Degrain stakers will be able to claim their rewards at any time they wish. There is no cap to the number of times you can claim rewards each day, however, please be cautious of the gas fees you will pay to claim. We will display a visible gas fee tracker for your convenience.

If I forget to claim my WETH rewards, will they be lost?

Absolutely not! We are putting our users and creators first every step of the way. Degrain token stakers will continue to accumulate rewards as long as they have their tokens staked. Presale investors who believe in our vision will be rewarded with higher rewards. Additionally, vested token stakers (those that have locked for a fixed period of time) will receive a higher proportion of rewards than those who have chosen to flexibly stake (can unstake at any time).

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