Revenue sharing via real world contracts

The value that web3 NFT protocols can provide to web2 real world companies is a rapidly growing industry. Degrain is positioned to be the at the forefront of this emerging opportunity.

Examples of how Degrain will create value for real world companies in various industries:


Real Estate - the real estate industry is one of the most NFT-ready sectors

  • NFTs have the potential to transfer land deeds, provide proof of ownership and even keep track of changes in property value over time using timestamped NFTs.
  • NFTs can be used in real estate to simplify and speed up transactions, enable smart contracts for properties (allowing automatic payments) or even create decentralized home rental services – all while protecting sensitive data like credit card details.
  • In this way, it will be possible to buy and sell property just a few taps on your phone. As well as now when the property was built, who owned it first, what modifications were done, and everything to the point of you purchasing it.

Medical Industry - medical records and identity verification

  • NFT ledgers can store an individual’s medical records without compromising confidentiality or risking tampering from external sources since NFT transactions are validated on multiple nodes before being added to the blockchain permanently.
  • NFT Birth Certificates that can be issued to newborns by healthcare providers. Issuing one of these NFTs for each child can be an effective way to quickly create a lifelong identity on the blockchain that’s linked to their birth certificate – which is then verified with NFT verification apps.
  • NFT ledgers also provide safer methods of storing sensitive medical data while still allowing authorized healthcare providers access when required.

Gaming Industry - cross-chain and cross-platform playability

  • NFTs can be integrated into the gaming world by allowing NFT cross-platform playability. NFTs, give game developers another way to expand their brand and create another revenue stream, while gamers are given more incentive to keep playing a game if they already own characters or items within it.
  • NFTs also allow for an easier time trading in games, which can also increase the value since NFT items in games can have a varying degree of rarity. NFT owners won’t have to worry about scams as there is no middleman involved; transactions happen instantly via the blockchain.
  • This is the use case that is already being used fully by games like Axie Infinity and other upcoming blockchain games.
Please read the next section on "Fractionalized NFTs" to find out how Degrain will be utilising NFTs to reward stakers and token holders.