Degrain - the NFT revolution is here

The world's first cross-chain and decentralized NFT platform that will work with real world companies and share all revenue with its investors. No VCs.
Inspired by OpenSea and LooksRare. Revolutionized by Degrain.


Users will be able to trade and accept payments from a multitude of networks. Imagine listing your NFT on the Ethereum network and receiving the payment on up to 9 networks. Imagine seeing an NFT you really want to get your hands on, which is listed on the Ethereum network and being able to purchase that NFT using BNB on the Binance Smart Chain. So many possibilities.

The choice is yours.

Our smart contracts will automatically match transactions using complicated algorithms from different networks to match the offer to the native chain of the NFT.
The platform uses its integrated AI smart contract to collect the trading fees and distribute 100% of these back to stakers every 12 hours. The amount awarded will be proportionate depending on how long the tokens are staked for. Think of it as a bank. You store your tokens and we pay you a percentage for doing so. Users that buy or sell any NFTs on Degrain will earn DGRN tokens. 100% of trading fees will be distributed to DGRN stakers. Creators will receive their royalty payments immediately at the moment of sale.
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Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

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